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Your organization relies on data - you can rely on DBback

Symphony Teleca's DBback is a full-featured database backup & recovery solution that supports Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and DB2 UDB databases. DBback provides best of breed backup and recovery functionality at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions. DBback is also easy to use and doesn't require a database administrator skill level to operate. You can rely on DBback to protect your most important asset - the data you rely on to run your business.

DBback is built on world class, best of breed technology from BMC Software
Many companies are not adequately prepared for disaster. According to the Strategic Research Institute, Boston Computing Network - among companies that suffered major loss of data, 49% never re-open, 45% close within two years and only 6% will survive long-term. Symphony Teleca is proud to offer enterprise level functionality that is powered by BMC SQL-BackTrack. DBback is affordably priced for small and mid-sized companies. Doesn't your business deserve best of breed technology at an affordable price?

Why you should choose DBback: DBback provides rapid time to value
DBback is very simple to install, configure and use. The product is ready to go, with only minimal configuration needed.

DBback is focused on recovery
DBback's "built-in intelligence" expedites and automates recovery enabling you to recover your data 2-5 times faster than with native database backup tools.

DBback is fast and ensures you meet your backup windows
DBback provides the fastest backups possible. Customer results have demonstrated backup times up to 10 times faster than using native backup tools.

DBback reduces the cost of backups
Database-aware compression achieves the maximum compression ratios possible without overhead to the backup. Flexible incremental backups and Intelligent expiration policies reduce the time and space required to store backups.

DBback is cloud enabled for offsite backup storage
The DBback Module for Amazon S3 Cloud backups significantly reduces the capital cost of storage and eliminate tape management related expenses.

DBback provides continuous database availability
Automates disaster recovery database creation and management.

DBback increases staff productivity
DBback automates many tasks that DBAs perform on a daily basis. A DBA can spend more time on strategic business goals while DBback takes care of routine tasks.

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